Changes to the Gatherings

Hello friends! I’ll be launching a New Moon Gathering soon and making some minor tweaks to the Full Moon Gathering. See details below and please feel free to reach out with any questions or ideas.


Moving forward, this gathering will be approximately 60 min (instead of 90 min) and will be focused a bit more on the exercises and less on group sharing. (I started implementing these changes in the last gathering for anyone who may have noticed.) This will keep things moving at a brisker pace and allow folks to keep their experiences private. I don’t want anyone to feel pressured to speak if they don’t want. You’re still encouraged to share at the end (I love it when you share!) but the bulk of the time will be me guiding you through the exercises.

The full moon can be thought of as a time of active psyche, so these gatherings are really meant to capitalize on that energy through creative play, visualization, journaling and ritual. I’ll also be bringing in some other artists, healers and magic-makers in 2021 to lead us through varying forms of mind, body and spirit techniques (think Qigong, Kundalini and more) and I’ll always highlight what’s on the docket in that month’s museletter.


For a somewhat more traditional group dynamic, I’ll be launching a New Moon Gathering (also via Zoom) in February. We’ll go around the circle in the beginning with quick hellos/check-ins, then I’ll lead a short meditation to center us, then I’ll pull a tarot card or two to see what wants to come through. The cards will essentially provide a springboard into group discussion giving us a lens/framework through which to chat about and process whatever it is we want to share. Since this gathering will be on the new moon, we’ll be setting any intentions we have for the next moon cycle as well as examining our successes and setbacks from the prior cycle. I’ll have more details as well as a registration link in the next museletter, but feel free to reach out with any ideas you’d like (or not like) to see in this gathering.

And finally, word of mouth is really the way I want to grow this, so please share with anyone you think might be a good addition to our growing family. They can sign up for the museletter below to get the monthly invites.

Thanks everyone. It’s been an honor for me to facilitate in this way. Let’s keep lifting one another up as we head into 2021 and beyond.


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