Soft Power (CONCLUDED)


  • August 23, 2022, 6PM PST
  • $22

An online workshop via Zoom to cultivate a softer, more flexible, imaginative and resilient response to these challenging times. I will call in some of the old stories to help us contextualize the current crossroads in which we find ourselves and I will lead us through a series of meditations, visualizations and somatic practices – simple yet transformative exercises that you’ll be able to utilize on your own at any time.

We’ll be exploring what Dr. Martin Luther King called the work of love – the only force powerful enough to effect real and lasting change.

Anytime we do the work of love, we are doing the work of ending domination.

bell hooks via Lion’s Roar

Like the Full Moon Gatherings, this workshop will be a private experience held within a safe, communal container. Participants will not be required to engage with one another, but there will be time set aside for questions/sharing.

If you’re new to my work, read here for client testimonials and here to learn about the impetus for this workshop. I’d love to see you in the circle. ✨


  • Find a private space where you’re not distracted by others. A comfy chair, couch or floor cushion is great. There will be some subtle seated movements.
  • Have a journal on hand as well as an unlit candle. We’ll all light our candles in the beginning to set the circle.
  • In order to preserve the integrity of the circle, no latecomers will be admitted. Please be ready by 6PM PST.
  • We’ll end between 7:15 and 7:30PM PST. Barring any emergencies, please plan to stay for the duration.
  • No one will be required to speak or perform for the group in any way. Your audio will be muted for the duration of the workshop. In order to maintain trust in the circle, however, everyone is expected to participate in the exercises and not just be a voyeur. By keeping your video on, it signals to the group that you are present and holding space so that everyone feels safe to participate. There will be time for questions or feedback for those who would like to share.
  • Once you register on Zoom, submit payment of $22 via Paypal to Or you can use the Venmo QR code on this page. (Your spot is not reserved until payment is received.)
  • You will receive a video recording along with separate audio files of the individual exercises. (Participants will not be recorded.)
  • Feel free to reach out with any questions.
Painting by Giuseppe Bazzani of  of St Teresa in religious ecstasy with an angel

75-90 minutes ⚬ $22 ⚬ Zoom