The Emailed Reading

$50 – $100 ☾ Covid19 sliding scale rate

You send me a question or general area of concern in your life. I’ll consult the cards just as I would if you were present, except I’ll email you a 2-page reading along with a photo of your spread.

The Hermit tarot card

With an emailed reading, you won’t get that connection that happens in a face-to-face reading ie: there won’t be a dialogue for us to dig deeper and hone in on specific messages that are coming through at that particular time; however, there are GREAT perks to an emailed reading. For one, everything is typed up for you to sit with and return to whenever you want. I’ll not only write about the story and insights that are showing up in the cards, I’ll also include quotes, questions and prompts, as well as additional reading material and links for you to continue the work on your own.

An emailed reading is a fantastic springboard for deeper self-inquiry. It’s perfect for someone looking for more of an anonymous, self-study approach.