These are tricky times. Careers are unstable, social structures are failing, the climate is in crisis. But it’s not just the world outside that’s changing; our inner landscapes are also in flux. We’re questioning old values, we’re forging new identities; the stuff that seemed important just a few years ago no longer holds sway. Like animals sensing the approaching storm, we are, each of us, already intuiting our individual paths forward. Our job now is to listen and follow this new call within.

As a writer, storyteller, teacher and intuitive, I help make meaning from the mess, and I offer innovative and uncanny ways to find ground in a groundless time.


Guided meditation, creative embodiment, storytelling, journaling and more, the gatherings are a safe space of intentionality to re-enchant our lives and reawaken to the power within.
We gather in-person and online.


During the challenging periods in our lives – the crises, the crossroads – there are always two stories at play. There’s the story we’re trying to tell and there’s the story that’s trying to be told. We never find success with the former until we’ve understood and satisfied the needs of the latter. A private session with me is a dialogue of discovery using wayfinding tools like the tarot, numerology, archetypal systems, personal/cultural mythologies and more, to home in on the story that’s trying to get your attention and to the path that will set you free.


A tarot session with Wade is like no other. Because of his insight and intuition, it’s so much more than pulling and interpreting cards. He takes his time and talks with you in-depth about where you are in life throughout the process – so that you come away with a powerful understanding of the message from the cards. It feels personal, and you end with a direct, practical application to your life. He’s truly gifted. I can’t recommend this enough! 

Robin L. | California

Having a tarot reading with Wade is like having a therapy session on steroids, with intuitive gems to help you on your path. His insight, knowledge of each card, and his interpretation as it relates to you is bar none to any readings I have had in the past. He is extremely accurate and insightful. I am so grateful to know this amazing person who has a gift that I am blessed to receive. I now book with Wade once a month to not only keep me straight on my path but to receive his amazing energy. Thank you Wade for sharing your gift with the world. We all need it.

Lisa A. | California

I came to Wade in a time when it felt like my life was falling apart and things were really uncertain. Wade created a very safe space for us to explore together and to do some detective work into the mystery that is my journey. Through the two sessions, which included meditation, conversation and some Tarot reading, Wade invited me to lean in, to get quiet, to listen and look with a new sense of curiosity and wonder about what is being revealed to me. He gave me some tools that I can use when asking the BIG questions. Our modern society is so disconnected from the myths and rituals that connect us to who we really are. “Heeding the Call” was a welcome invitation to look at myself and the unfolding of my life from a new perspective, and I know it will help me make wiser choices that support who I am and how I want to live going forward.

Jennifer K. | California (Heeding the Call)


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