The Hermit card from the Pagan Otherworlds tarot deck

These are tricky times.

Careers are unstable, social structures are failing, the climate is in crisis. But it’s not just the world outside that’s changing, our inner landscapes are also in flux.

We’re questioning old values, we’re forging new identities; the stuff that seemed important just a few years ago no longer holds sway. Like animals sensing the approaching storm, we are, each of us, already intuiting our individual paths forward.

Our job now is to listen and follow this new call within.

As a writer, storyteller, teacher and intuitive, I help make meaning from the mess.

I offer innovative and uncanny ways to find ground in a groundless time.



Guided meditation. Ritual. Embodiment practices. Storytelling. Journaling. Online & in-person.
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Tarot. Your personal mythology. Astrological insights. Coaching support. Online & in-person.
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Ideas and insights on cultural trends, myth, psychology, enchantment & more.
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Every time we sit it feels like a therapeutic meditation that allows me to see things anew and shift my perspective.

Wade's extensive knowledge of myth and its symbolic value in our lives, makes for particularly rich, complex, and engaging readings.

I now feel immensely strengthened and bolstered. I feel grounded. I feel encouraged, believed-in, and immensely more clear and focused.

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