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My name is Wade Gasque.

I’m a queer storyteller, teacher and spiritual guide. I’ve written and directed award-winning film (Tiger Orange) and theater (Geffen Playhouse, Skirball Cultural Center), my personal essays have appeared in IndieWire and Moviemaker, and I’ve coached and collaborated with screenwriters, poets, actors and other creatives throughout my career. I’ve received certifications in Applied Mythology from Pacifica Graduate Institute and Soul Psychology from archetypal psychotherapist Thomas Moore. I also co-own theOffice, a sanctuary for writers and creatives here in Santa Monica, CA.

Uncanny Means

The 2016 presidential election was a turning point for me, a clarion call to show up in a more supportive and therapeutic way. I began studying with spiritual mentors – Michael Meade, Sharon Blackie and Thomas Moore – and my client work expanded to include tarot and other modalities of magic and meaning-making. I now sit regularly with folks from around the world, I host gatherings and workshops (both online and in-person), and I write about the stories and myths of our time.

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Thank you for being here.

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