Tell someone you read tarot and you’re guaranteed a juicy reaction. Whether they light up with intrigue or quickly eye the nearest exit, just the mention of tarot seems to stir something inside of us and I think that’s key to understanding its power.

The tarot provokes. It makes us giddy, nervous, expectant. Be still, open your mind, spread out a few tarot cards and peculiar messages begin to appear. Some folks say these messages come from spirit. Others claim it’s all in our heads. I think these might be two ways of saying the same thing. What’s important is the message. An openhearted tarot reading is a sacred rite of healing and transformation. 

I’m an intuitive reader with a background in story, myth and psychology. I’m not a fortune teller. A reading with me is a dialogue of discovery, a safe space for you to name and claim a new path for yourself. 

The tarot is filled with archetypal imagery – characters, symbols, motifs that have been a part of the human experience since our earliest ancestors walked upright. A spread of cards will reveal a bit of your life story – the personal story you’re enacting as well as the larger, mythic story you’re a part of. We’ll look at where your power is, your strengths, your blind spots, your hidden potentials. The cards often reveal aspects of ourselves that we’ve been avoiding, aspects of our past that we’ve forgotten and aspects of the future that we’re consciously or unconsciously manifesting.

I offer 60 and 90 minute sessions on a sliding scale rate either online or in-person (in the Los Angeles area). If you’d rather not sit face-to-face, I offer emailed readings below. Our time together is completely confidential. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out beforehand via the contact link. A few of my clients have recounted their experiences here.

Wade Gasque tarot cards

60 minutes ☾ Sliding scale $80 – $120
90 minutes ☾ Sliding scale $120 – $160

The Emailed Reading

Contact me with a question or a general area of concern in your life, I’ll consult the cards and email you a 2-page reading along with a photo of your spread.

With an emailed reading, everything is typed up for you to sit with and return to whenever you’d like. I’ll write about the story in the cards as well as where you’re being called to focus. I’ll also include additional resources for you to continue the work on your own (like additional questions to consider, links to a myth or character/archetype that’s showing up for you, etc).

If you’re looking for more of an anonymous, self-study approach, an emailed reading is a fantastic springboard for deeper self-inquiry. Contact me here with your question. The fee is $80-120, whatever you’re able to afford. I’ll reply back with payment details and you’ll receive your reading within a week.