$70 – $100 per hour ☾ Covid19 sliding scale rate

All readings via Zoom. Emailed Reading is here.

Everyone’s got an opinion about tarot. It’s fringe, trendy, ridiculous and sublime. The cards bring us messages from spirit. The cards are our unconscious projections. The cards are an Italian parlor game from the 15th century.

It’s all true.

A tarot deck consists of 78 playing cards, each with a number, a suit and an archetypal image (Queen, King, Devil, Hermit, etc). Choose a few random cards and spread them out in front of you and they tell a kind of story.

Stories are how we make sense of the world. We are defined by them. Stories of what might be. Stories of what could have been. Stories of what should never have been. We are storying and storying all day, every day.

When you lay out a few tarot cards, you see your story staring back at you but something else too. A fresh perspective. A different ending. A part of the beginning you’d missed or forgotten.

Tarot is odd and tarot is heart-achingly true. When I sit with a stranger and a deck of cards, we stop everything and we listen. We listen. We let our minds wander and wonder and notice what’s coming and reminisce about what’s been. It feels like we’ve known each other forever.

Tarot connects us to presence and to the invisible parts of ourselves that hold all the answers. Artists call these parts our muse. Psychics call them our spirit guides. I call them ✨. When we’re feeling stuck or just needing a new perspective, tarot shakes us from rigid rationality and brings us back to the wonder and mystery of life.

Tarot reminds us that everything we seek is within.

If you’re interested in sitting with me or have any questions about how this all works, drop me a line below. I sit with all kinds of humans navigating all kinds of life situations. I have studied with Michael Meade, Anne Bogart, Sharon Blackie, Eliza Swann, Mary K. Greer and a host of other spiritual teachers, creatives, intuitives and magic-makers. More on my background here.

Readings are completely confidential. We can sit in-person (if you’re in the Los Angeles area) or over Zoom. Another option is a reading via email.

* Due to covid-19 all sessions will be through Zoom 🌀

Having a tarot reading with Wade is like having a therapy session on steroids, with intuitive gems to help you on your path. His insight, knowledge of each card, and his interpretation as it relates to you is bar none to any readings I have had in the past. He is extremely accurate and insightful. I am so grateful to know this amazing person who has a gift that I am blessed to receive. I now book with Wade once a month to not only keep me straight on my path but to receive his amazing energy. Thank you Wade for sharing your gift with the world. We all need it.

Lisa A. | California

Wade brings a vast knowledge of tarot, mythology, numerology, and a whole lot of heart to his readings. His empathy and sheer presence are palpable, even across Zoom when he’s on the other side of the country. He uses tarot and all his tools in ingenious and delightful ways. Every time we sit it feels like a therapeutic meditation that allows me to see things anew and shift my perspective. So, if you’ve never tried tarot or think you know what it’s all about or are just looking for a really insightful experience check out his offerings. You’ll be surprised and charmed by his approach and process.

Morgan S. | North Carolina

A tarot session with Wade is like no other. Because of his insight and intuition, it’s so much more than pulling and interpreting cards. He takes his time and talks with you in-depth about where you are in life throughout the process – so that you come away with a powerful understanding of the message from the cards. It feels personal, and you end with a direct, practical application to your life. He’s truly gifted.  I can’t recommend this enough! 

Robin L. | California

I’ve been lucky to have had several tarot sessions with Wade and it is always an enlightening experience. Along with sharing the power of story and symbol, Wade’s calming, uplifting energy is infectious. The way in which Wade interprets the cards and the curiosity about life that he fosters makes it so special. I leave every session, yes, with guidance, direction, and possible actions to take, but more so than that, I leave with a greater sense of openness and acceptance, grounded in the truth that every single person, including me, is special, valuable, and has something beautiful to offer. This is the experience Wade provides. 

Tracy S. | North Carolina

Wade’s way of being when he sits with you and the cards allows Psyche to whisper- or shout- what she hopes you will hear. The few readings I have had with Wade have helped me with career transitions, unresolved grief, and arriving at a clearer picture of my Self, as she is now, not how she was yesterday.

Jen B. | California

Intuitive and insightful, Wade works with where you are at. Each time he has adapted his reading to what I needed in that moment of my life. After taking copious notes, his reads later serve as  guideposts or check-ins, if you will, for my own personal growth journey.

Joey S. | New Jersey

I cannot recommend Wade enough. First of all, he was spot on with everything he saw. He really helped me put some of the pieces together regarding aspects of my life that had been confusing me. This was my first time getting my cards read and the whole process was surprisingly powerful and cathartic. I may have cried more than once. It was a really great experience for me.

Jen G. | California

I have had a few readings from Wade with very positive results. He has a warm and inviting energy, which translates in his very thoughtful readings.  He takes his time with the cards and what you get is an informative and very insightful reading, laced with many little valuable pearls of wisdom. He’s happy to answers any questions.  I highly recommend a reading with Wade, he has a gift, he loves what he does, and it shows.

Jordan W. | California