Having a tarot reading with Wade is like having a therapy session on steroids, with intuitive gems to help you on your path. His insight, knowledge of each card, and his interpretation as it relates to you is bar none to any readings I have had in the past. He is extremely accurate and insightful. I am so grateful to know this amazing person who has a gift that I am blessed to receive. I now book with Wade once a month to not only keep me straight on my path but to receive his amazing energy. Thank you Wade for sharing your gift with the world. We all need it.

Lisa A. | California

Wade brings a vast knowledge of tarot, mythology, numerology, and a whole lot of heart to his readings. His empathy and sheer presence are palpable, even across Zoom when he’s on the other side of the country. He uses tarot and all his tools in ingenious and delightful ways. Every time we sit it feels like a therapeutic meditation that allows me to see things anew and shift my perspective. So, if you’ve never tried tarot or think you know what it’s all about or are just looking for a really insightful experience check out his offerings. You’ll be surprised and charmed by his approach and process.

Morgan S. | North Carolina

A tarot session with Wade is like no other. Because of his insight and intuition, it’s so much more than pulling and interpreting cards. He takes his time and talks with you in-depth about where you are in life throughout the process – so that you come away with a powerful understanding of the message from the cards. It feels personal, and you end with a direct, practical application to your life. He’s truly gifted. I can’t recommend this enough! 

Robin L. | California

I’ve been lucky to have had several tarot sessions with Wade and it is always an enlightening experience. Along with sharing the power of story and symbol, Wade’s calming, uplifting energy is infectious. The way in which Wade interprets the cards and the curiosity about life that he fosters makes it so special. I leave every session, yes, with guidance, direction, and possible actions to take, but more so than that, I leave with a greater sense of openness and acceptance, grounded in the truth that every single person, including me, is special, valuable, and has something beautiful to offer. This is the experience Wade provides. 

Tracy S. | North Carolina

Intuitive and insightful, Wade works with where you are at. Each time he has adapted his reading to what I needed in that moment of my life. After taking copious notes, his reads later serve as  guideposts or check-ins, if you will, for my own personal growth journey.

Joey S. | New Jersey

I cannot recommend Wade enough. First of all, he was spot on with everything he saw. He really helped me put some of the pieces together regarding aspects of my life that had been confusing me. This was my first time getting my cards read and the whole process was surprisingly powerful and cathartic. I may have cried more than once. It was a really great experience for me.

Jen G. | California

I came to Wade in need of insight, guidance and tools to take with me on the next chapters of my life-journey.  With these tools that Wade gave me – in the form of tarot-card-readings, quotes from other great writers, references to ancient myths, symbols of growth and change – with all of these tools that Wade brought to our sessions with such depth of knowledge, detail, care and insight – all specifically meditated-upon and selected for specifically me – with these tools Wade divined for me, I now feel immensely strengthened and bolstered. I feel grounded. I feel encouraged, believed-in, and immensely more clear and focused.  Thank you Wade for this remarkable work you do. I wish for every person many sessions with Wade. He is a true leader, a deeply-informed, talented and moving writer, and an utterly gifted speaker and healer. I am elated to know Wade.

Tara S. | Toronto (Heeding the Call)

I came to Wade in a time when it felt like my life was falling apart and things were really uncertain. Big life transitions bring up a lot of fear and anxiety for me. It feels like an overwhelming thing to ask, “what is my soul’s purpose?” “Heeding the Call” with Wade helped lead me into the deeper story about my life. Wade created a very safe space for us to explore together and to do some detective work into the mystery that is my journey. I felt a wonderful sense of trust with Wade. Through the two sessions, which included meditation, conversation and some Tarot reading, Wade invited me to lean in, to get quiet, to listen and look with a new sense of curiosity and wonder about what is being revealed to me. He gave me some tools that I can use when asking the BIG questions. Our modern society is so disconnected from the myths and rituals that connect us to who we really are. â€śHeeding the Call” was a welcome invitation to look at myself and the unfolding of my life from a new perspective, and I know it will help me make wiser choices that support who I am and how I want to live going forward. 

Jennifer K. | California (Heeding the Call)

I have had a few readings from Wade with very positive results. He has a warm and inviting energy, which translates in his very thoughtful readings.  He takes his time with the cards and what you get is an informative and very insightful reading, laced with many little valuable pearls of wisdom. He’s happy to answers any questions.  I highly recommend a reading with Wade, he has a gift, he loves what he does, and it shows.

Jordan W. | California

Wade’s sharp intuition is evident in the way he reads and interprets the tarot. He is a writer, a story teller, and his powerful linguistic and emotional intelligence really shine through in his interpretation of the cards, making a reading with Wade particularly engaging. He’s also a very caring reader, making sure you feel held and supported through every step of the process. I’ve had the fortune of experiencing a few different types of readings with Wade (emailed readings and in-person readings), ranging from the serious and in-depth, to the short and playful. They’ve always been accurate, enlightening, and perfect for the given moment. His extensive knowledge of myth and its symbolic value in our lives, makes for particularly rich, complex, and engaging readings. Wade is never afraid to embrace the myriad shadowed complexities of a life lived, and he does so in the most caring, non-judgmental and supportive way. His joyful, generous spirit always presides. Give yourself the gift of a reading with Wade, and you’ll come out the other side of it with valuable wisdom to carry into your every day life.

Claressinka A. | California

Praise for the Gatherings

Thank you again for bringing us all together. It truly resonated deeply and I'm very grateful. 
That was on fire! I loved it and felt so much empathy for each one in the circle and all of humanity and I felt held. Thank you.
When we started, I felt like a set of frayed wires that just couldn’t stop sparking everywhere. When you led the meditation, I found myself slowing down. It was a nearly impossible feat just minutes before. 
Truly one of the most transcendent experiences of my life. Thank you again.
It was really wonderful and moving - thank you for doing it!
It was especially meaningful and helpful to me, and I believe was a catalyst for opening up something that has been stuck for a very long time inside of me.
The space you created was great. Thanks for your wisdom and perspective.
Thank you for the lovely gathering! Feeling that full moon release this morning! Powerful dreams.
I had a wonderful experience in Ilana & Wade's 'Unveiling' workshop in October (2021) and highly recommend both facilitators. This workshop helped us explore the concept of personal identity, engaging us with the natural world as a way to help strip away the "masks" we wear on a daily basis. I especially loved the variety of techniques they used (group work, individual work, physical movement, internal reflection), and the way they created and maintained a safe and sacred space for us from the very beginning. I left the experience feeling revitalized and validated in my ongoing personal reflective practices. I look forward to their future offerings! -- Elizabeth A.