Sharon Blackie

I’ve been a member of Dr. Sharon Blackie’s online program, This Mythic Life, for almost a year now. Each month, Sharon writes on mythic themes like alchemy, the archetype of the witch, the “post-heroic journey” and more. She also records guided meditations and there’s a discussion forum to connect with others all around the globe.

I’ve so loved being a part of this program. It’s been a respite for me over the past year – a space to dive deep into our rich and storied past as a way to better understand and navigate our changing times. She has so many offerings on her site and I encourage anyone interested in this kind of work to check her out. She’s a psychologist and a mythologist and her teachings are firmly rooted in her Celtic ancestry.

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Good Omens

Inauguration comes from the Latin augur: “one who sees favorable

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