Good Omens

Inauguration comes from the Latin augur: “one who sees favorable omens for success”. (The word auspicious comes from this as well.) In Ancient Rome the augur was the official diviner who was called in before important undertakings of the state to determine whether or not the gods approved. He did this by reading the flight patterns of birds.

When I read the tarot cards, I’m not foretelling the future so much as I’m helping someone make peace with the present. This feels like a holy act to me, my little way to be of service. For the past four years, so many of us have been careening between anger and depression in that famous 5 stages of grief model that it’s hard to remember acceptance is the goal. Acceptance of the present moment is the only way real change happens; it’s where activism is born, otherwise we’re just spinning in our outrage and helplessness.

Tuesday’s inauguration was birthed by the activists and change-makers who faced the same onslaught of grief we all faced over these past few years, but who accepted the painful truths of the day so that they could organize, mobilize and deliver. We are an awakened nation now with the hard work of racial and climate justice before us, and there will no doubt be huge challenges ahead, but there’s a jubilant murder of crows dancing and clacking in the palms outside my window as I write this which seems mighty auspicious, no?

It’s a new day in America and I’m feeling good.

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