Fire Ritual

Tonight, on this longest night of Winter Solstice, think about everything from this year that you’d like to say goodbye to. Write each bit down on scraps of paper: how you’ve maybe played it too safe; how you’ve kept yourself small; how you’ve ignored your needs, deferred your joy, suppressed your passion; how you’ve lashed out, judged, blamed others. 

When you’re done, hold each scrap of paper in your hand and acknowledge the pain that bore it; thank each one for what it taught you; let it know you’re okay without it. Then, toss each scrap into the fire and let your guilt and transgressions transform into ash. Feel the weight lifting as you watch the smoke rise to join the dark sky.

Tomorrow, the nights will begin to shrink again as the sun’s light returns. Say your goodbyes tonight. Make space for your coming light.

Tarot card “Death” from La Corte dei Tarocchi by artist Anna Maria D’Onofrio

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