The Charioteers

A 5-week, online

workshop &

support group

to bolster your creative practice.

Starting March 21

The year 2023 reduces to the 7, that juicy number of luck and vision.

In the tarot, the seven is repped by ‘the chariot’ – an archetypal image of PROWESS AND PERSONAL AGENCY. The old adage says it best: Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

For those who are willing, this year offers a powerful portal for personal growth and achievement. 

Working with the themes of the chariot and the cycles of the moon, The Charioteers is a 5-week online workshop + support group starting March 21st (the new moon, spring equinox & zodiacal new year) designed to strengthen your connection with and commitment to your creative practice. “Creative” means anything in your life that you want to grow – a writing practice, a new business venture, a more committed fitness routine, a new website launch, a livelier social life – whatever it is that’s been prodding you, that’s been yearning for your time and commitment.

How It Works

As a participant you will bring in one “project” you wish to develop in the group and you’ll work towards a specific goal for that project by workshop’s end. Each week I’ll lead us through imaginal and somatic based practices and we’ll explore depth psychology and astrological concepts to challenge old blocks and to expand on your capacity for creative expression.

Group support, feedback and accountability will also play a key role. I’ll be capping the group at 8 PARTICIPANTS max to ensure an intimate and personalized experience for all. By the end of the five weeks you’ll not only have an expanded network of support but also a deeper connection with and commitment to your unique creative practice. 

Session 1 - The Seed

March 21 - New Moon 

Getting to the soul of your project; James Hillman’s ‘acorn theory’; goal-setting; practice as purpose, purpose as practice

Session 2 - The Roots

March 28 - 1st Quarter Moon

Feeding your project; what it is & what it isn’t; the underground world ie: ‘the shadow’, old patterns & blocks

Session 3 - The Tree

April 4 - Full Moon

Facing what’s real; moving the project from the imaginal to the material; Saturn & the reality principle; somatic listening & grounding

Session 4 - The Flower

April 11 - 3rd Quarter Moon

Pruning away the non-essentials; your voice in the world; working with your astrological ascendant & planetary ruler

Session 5 - The Fruit

April 18 - New Moon #2

Accomplishing your project’s goal; back to the seed; integration & new goals; practice as purpose, purpose as practice

5 Tuesdays ☾ $150
Online via Zoom

Space limited to 8 participants. Please register early to claim your spot. Reach out with any questions/concerns.

March 21, March 28, April 4, April 11, April 18


*All sessions will be recorded in case you miss a night.

The Charioteers


* This group is at capacity but if there’s enough interest I may be able to facilitate a second group. Sign up here to let me know your interest.

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