The Crossing of the Return Threshold

πŸŒ€ R e i n t e g r a t i o n R i t u a l πŸŒ€

  1. What shadows did you discover in quarantine?
  2. Write them a letter of thanks for their guidance.
  3. Burn the letter.
  4. Whisper goodbye to the rising smoke.
Max on his boat by Maurice Sendak
  1. Who is the deeper, wilder you that you rediscovered in quarantine?
  2. Speak its name seven times into a small stone.
  3. Carry the stone in your pocket whenever you leave the house.

Wild Thing, your time is now.


“The two worlds, the divine and the human, can be pictured only as distinct from each other – different as life and death, as day and night. The hero adventures out of the land we know into darkness… and his return is described as a coming back out of that yonder zone. Nevertheless – and here is a great key to the understanding of myth and symbol – the two kingdoms are actually one. The realm of the gods is a forgotten dimension of the world we know. And the exploration of that dimension, either willingly or unwillingly, is the whole sense of the deed of the hero… The hero’s requirement, now, [is] to knit together his two worlds.”

Joseph Campbell, “The Hero with a Thousand Faces”

*Illustration by Maurice Sendak, “Where The Wild Things Are”, 1963

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