The Sting

The Scorpio of ancient Greek myth was a giant scorpion summoned by Gaia (Earth) after hearing the hunter Orion boast that he could kill every beast on the planet. One sting by the giant arachnid and Orion perished. Even today when Scorpio rises in the east, Orion flees below the western horizon so that the two constellations never share the same sky.

In western astrology, the sign of scorpio is associated with deep emotional wounding and healing, with death, sex, power and money; all those shadowy aspects of life we simultaneously fear and crave. Perhaps the myth is a reminder that no amount of heroic posturing can save us from our primal longings. Perhaps the stings of life are in fact gateways to a deeper, soulful and richly humbling existence.

I’ll be holding space via Zoom tonight for anyone looking to join this month’s New Moon Gathering. We’ll meditate, we’ll pull some tarot to uncover what messages this scorpio moon has in store, and we’ll set our intentions for the coming moon cycle. This is a safe space to share and bear witness with a community of artists, seekers, lovers and healers. No fee. Just bring your candle and an open heart. The registration link is in this month’s museletter. Or contact me here if you need it.

Painting by Stanley Spencer, “Christ in the Wilderness – The Scorpion”, 1939

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