How to Save Democracy #03

Wade Gasque

Make It Personal

Do you know any nonvoters or undecided voters? Times are tough and there are a lot of disenfranchised and overwhelmed humans out there. What if you told them about your personal stake in this election?

From the trans military ban to the Justice Department’s attempt at legalizing LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace to the slew of anti-gay judges he’s nominated, Trump has repeatedly taken aggressive steps towards dismantling my community’s freedoms. This election directly affects me and it’s important that those close to me know this.

Studies show that folks who don’t vote tend to think they are too uninformed or that their vote doesn’t matter. By sharing your personal stake, it makes it harder for your loved ones to stick their heads in the sand. You can’t change anyone’s mind, but if they care about you, hearing your story could be the tiny jolt of motivation they need to show up and do the right thing.

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*Photo by Linda Abbott

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