How to Save Democracy #03

Wade Gasque

Make It Personal Do you know any nonvoters or undecided voters? Times are tough and there are a lot of disenfranchised and overwhelmed humans out there. What if you told them about your personal stake in this election? From the trans military ban to the Justice Department’s attempt at legalizing LGBTQ discrimination in the workplace [...]

How to Save Democracy #02

The World Card from Delta Enduring Tarot

Vote. No matter how futile it all feels, we have to vote like our lives depend on it because our lives absolutely depend on it. Some states require you to be registered at least a month before the election. If you're not sure you're registered, check right now. If you're not sure you've got proper [...]

How to Save Democracy #01

Tiny Actions Over and Over and Over

Remind yourself that you can’t save democracy. Sobering, depressing, I know. But let go of that burden (it's overwhelming you) and just do one small thing. Everyday. Donate. Mail postcards. Make calls. Make sure your friends are registered to vote. Your small thing inspires others to do their small thing inspiring others and others and [...]