Wise Elder

Giant Sequoia tree

She told me she was 2300 years old. I told her she didn’t look a day over 2250. She said cool never heard that one before but I’m pretty sure she was being sarcastic and then she said she was actually monoecious and her preferred pronoun was they. I was too embarrassed to say anything [...]

A New Day

Todd Heisler photo

If you voted, phonebanked, textbanked, donated, marched, had those difficult conversations with family, helped register voters, shared resources, or showed up in whatever way you could… thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. No doubt this administration will be doling out more damage before January, but we did good, friends. A new day is [...]

What I’ve Been Up To

Psychic Vision neon sign photo by Wyron A

INT. MY LIVING ROOM - DAY I’m on the couch, mid Zoom call with Ted, a young, hungry producer I used to know, who wanted to see what I’ve been up to. TEDTarot? MEMmhm. TEDLike… the cards. MEYeah. TEDWow. MEMmhm. TEDSo you can like… see the future. ME… Sure. TEDYou know what I’m going to [...]

In Preparation

I surrender now Give myself over to The whisper And the soft music in the walls In the ether Where everything hovers Waiting Even the dust, Giddy with the promise of renewal Dim the lights, burn the mugwort Tonight, we commune. *Painting by Gustave Doré, 1892

Annie Proulx 🎈

Annie Proulx birthday American soothsayer

Happy Birthday to Pulitzer-prize winning author, Annie Proulx, who turns 84 today and whose fiction transports the reader into pockets of rural America most will never see. You don’t really read an Annie Proulx story, you inhabit it, and no matter how somber or bleak the journey, you are always the better for it. They [...]

Animal Space

Oh muse,how you fix at me with sleepy eyes your tail a pendulum, back and forthcleaving bloated minutes on the brink(always on the brink)of the next idea.Oh muse,how your whiskers twitch 'gainst hurried handsfeeding hands that nag now, stop and startpounding, locked in some human rhythm(desperate, choked rhythm)of the next idea.Oh muse,how you warm my [...]