Virgo New Moon Reading

I pulled a few cards for our lunar month ahead, friends. I hope this resonates. Make sure you’re receiving the museletter (or you can join the conversation on Instagram) for a new reading on every new moon.

Tarot Reading :: Sep 14 – Oct 13, 2023

Tarot spread Etruria Minchiate Tarot 1725
King of Swords flanked by Pisces on the left & The Devil on the right & crowned by 3 of Cups

Obsessing over a problem is a common way we avoid taking action on the problem. Worrying about the future, ruminating on the past; these are two common ways we avoid living in the present.

There is a lot to be stressed about, no doubt. But how has that stress made us stronger or better prepared for the future?

When you find yourself in a spiral of worry or avoidance or procrastination this month, try gently shifting your focus to the people you love. Try shifting your focus to the people who love you. Shift your focus to your little piece of this world, your tiny kingdom. Where are the flowers blooming in your kingdom? Not where they ought to be blooming or where they used to be blooming. Where is the life, the growth, right now? Nurture that place. Where do you find comfort, pride, joy – no matter how small. Turn your attention there. Care for what you care for.

Pay particular attention to any new or recent flowering in your life. There’s more to bloom in that area.

We’re all a little hypervigilant right now and it’s tempting to try to make sense of all the crazy, to try to sort it all out in some logical way, but that’s often just another form of procrastination, just another way we avoid living the messy life we have right here. Your future is born, not from your past, but from the muddy fertile soil of the life you’re tending (or failing to tend) right now. Call your power, your focus, your vulnerability back home. You don’t need to have it all figured out. You don’t need to prove anything. You don’t need to explain yourself. You need to love yourself, unconditionally. 

And then watch the flowers grow.

*Etruria Minchiate tarot cards by Il Meneghello

*Title image from “Urania’s Mirror”, 1825

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