Letting in the Mess

Francis O'Connor set design for Waiting for Godot

Samuel Beckett and Tom F. Driver on the function of art in a world in crisis There is so much about my work as an artist that is changing. Much of what interested me just three years ago feels frivolous now. I stopped writing a romantic comedy just before Trump was elected and I'm not [...]

Common Sense

common sense crash test dummies gun reform

You can still learn a lot from a dummy. Growing up in South Carolina in the mid-80’s, I remember the adults around me grumbling about new legislation that was gaining momentum in Congress. Legislation that, if passed, would require the driver and front-seat passenger of a car to wear seat belts, or else be subject [...]

The Business of Life

My mom turned 70 on Friday. She’s nimble and full of life and when I spoke to her on the phone earlier last week, she was understandably having a tough time wrapping her head around that number. I decided to write her a letter listing the “70 Reasons Why I Love You”. It was a [...]


Intuition is having a moment. Search the hashtag on Instagram and you'll get over 2 million hits. It's super trendy with the witches and the healers and all the new, new-agey folk (hi me!). Considering we're living in deeply unsettling times, it's natural that so many of us are seeking guidance and a stronger inner [...]


As I struggle to hit the "public" button today to share this blog with the world, the voice in my head screaming who the hell do you think you are, no one cares, I am reminded of the quote above from Brene Brown, currently on my altar, reminding me that doing what is right and [...]