Heeding the Call

2 sessions ☾ 2 hours each ☾ $295 total

When we look at our life’s journey through a mythopoeic lens, we begin to notice patterns, symbols and synchronicities pointing to a singular something or other within each of us – a kind of story we’ve been playing out (consciously or unconsciously) since day one.

The Greeks called this our daimon. The Romans, our genius. Soul’s purpose, highest potential, whatever the name, it is our calling. It is that which we were born to do. And whether we’re in touch with it or not, it’s always there, trying to make itself known, trying to be expressed through us. 

What you seek, is seeking you.


Heeding the Call is for when you are:

  • lacking direction
  • at a crossroads in your career
  • starting a new venture
  • feeling burnt out
  • yearning to take a leap but unsure how
  • hitting a wall
  • repeating old patterns
  • looking for a deeper and more fulfilling life

Session 1

I’ll lead a short meditation to get us into our bodies and into the now. Then I’ll ask you a series of simple, straightforward questions about your life. We’ll be looking at things not so much from a psychological perspective (ie: we’re not trying to “fix” you), but from the perspective of what’s simply there – the image of your life, the canvas you’ve painted thus far. We’ll talk a bit about some of the symbols and archetypes that are in play and I’ll pull some tarot cards to see what else wants to come through.

Between sessions, I’ll begin piecing together clues from your life story and will email you exercises and research to do on your own.

Session 2

We’ll pull it all together and hone in on your calling. We’ll examine the insights both you and I will have discovered since the first session. We’ll look at ways in which the story you’ve been playing might be different than the story that’s been playing you. We’ll hash out your destiny vs your fate and pull in some intuition-building exercises and other practical ways you can better align yourself with your calling.

We are in a time of rapid change and unpredictability. I developed these sessions after a growing number of tarot clients were finding themselves at unexpected crossroads in their lives and careers and were needing a deeper, more comprehensive form of guided self-inquiry. Heeding the Call is about opening yourself to something deeper and more expansive within you. It’s about setting yourself free to be who you were meant to be.

* Due to covid-19 all sessions will be through Zoom 🌀

I came to Wade in need of insight, guidance and tools to take with me on the next chapters of my life-journey.  With these tools that Wade gave me – in the form of tarot-card-readings, quotes from other great writers, references to ancient myths, symbols of growth and change – with all of these tools that Wade brought to our sessions with such depth of knowledge, detail, care and insight – all specifically meditated-upon and selected for specifically me – with these tools Wade divined for me, I now feel immensely strengthened and bolstered. I feel grounded. I feel encouraged, believed-in, and immensely more clear and focused.  Thank you Wade for this remarkable work you do. I wish for every person many sessions with Wade. He is a true leader, a deeply-informed, talented and moving writer, and an utterly gifted speaker and healer. I am elated to know Wade.

Tara S. | Toronto

I came to Wade in a time when it felt like my life was falling apart and things were really uncertain. Big life transitions bring up a lot of fear and anxiety for me. It feels like an overwhelming thing to ask, “what is my soul’s purpose?” “Heeding the Call” with Wade helped lead me into the deeper story about my life. Wade created a very safe space for us to explore together and to do some detective work into the mystery that is my journey. I felt a wonderful sense of trust with Wade. Through the two sessions, which included meditation, conversation and some Tarot reading, Wade invited me to lean in, to get quiet, to listen and look with a new sense of curiosity and wonder about what is being revealed to me. He gave me some tools that I can use when asking the BIG questions. Our modern society is so disconnected from the myths and rituals that connect us to who we really are. “Heeding the Call” was a welcome invitation to look at myself and the unfolding of my life from a new perspective, and I know it will help me make wiser choices that support who I am and how I want to live going forward. 

Jennifer K. | California