Heeding The Call

When we look at our life’s journey through a mythopoeic lens, we begin to notice patterns, symbols and synchronicities pointing to a singular something or other within each of us – a kind of story we’ve been playing out (consciously or unconsciously) since day one.

The Greeks called this our daimon. The Romans, our genius. Soul’s purpose, highest potential, whatever the name, it is our calling.

 It is that which we were born to do.

And whether we’re in touch with it or not, it’s always there, trying to make itself known, trying to be expressed through us. 

Heeding the Call is for when you are:

Session 1

I’ll lead a short meditation to get us into our bodies and into the now. Then I’ll ask you a series of simple, straightforward questions about your life. We’ll be looking at things not so much from a psychological perspective (ie: we’re not trying to “fix” you), but from the perspective of what’s simply there – the image of your life, the canvas you’ve painted thus far. We’ll talk a bit about some of the symbols and archetypes that are in play and I’ll pull some tarot cards to see what else wants to come through.

Between sessions, I’ll begin piecing together clues from your life story and will email you exercises and research to do on your own.

Session 2

We’ll pull it all together and home in on your calling. We’ll examine the insights both you and I will have discovered since the first session. We’ll look at ways in which the story you’ve been playing might be different than the story that’s been playing you. We’ll hash out your destiny vs your fate and pull in some intuition-building exercises and other practical ways you can better align yourself with your calling.

You can choose to meet online or in-person (in the Los Angeles area). Our time together is completely confidential. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out beforehand via the contact link.

I developed Heeding the Call after a growing number of tarot clients were finding themselves at unexpected crossroads in their lives and careers and were craving a more comprehensive form of guided self-inquiry. This is my most in-depth offering and my favorite to boot, because I get to hold space for you to witness your life anew. We’ll utilize the tarot, numerology, astrology, archetypal patterning and more, all to excavate your unique mythology, your superpower hidden in plain sight.

2 sessions ☾ 2 – 2.5 hrs each ☾ $350 total

All sessions online via Zoom or in-person in the Los Angeles area

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