Sacred Beetle illustration E. J. Detmold

Synchronicity is at the heart of this wild, weird and wonderful work that I do and synchronicity is one of those ideas that folks love to debate, which to my mind, entirely misses the point.  I just reread Jung’s anecdote of the scarab beetle which is a perfect (and simple) illustration of the power of [...]

The Haunting of America

Painting by Aron Wiesenfeld

Though Halloween evolved from All Hallows Eve, a Christian holiday honoring the dead saints (hallows), its origins lie in the much older Celtic festival of Samhain. Celebrating the end of the harvest and the earth’s descent into winter’s womb, Samhain was a time of liminality (halfway between the Fall Equinox and the Winter Solstice), when [...]

The Great Work

Consider the numerous strange rituals that have been reported from the primitive tribes and great civilizations of the past, it becomes apparent that the purpose and actual effect of these was to conduct people across those difficult thresholds of civilization that demand a change in the patterns not only of conscious but also of unconscious [...]