Applied Mythology

William Blake watercolour Teach These Souls to Fly, 1796

Artist Malika Ali Harding wrote a great article recently for Puttylike on her interests in "woo woo" practices and her experience working with this woo woo practitioner right here. Wade encourages creatives to tap into applied mythology, especially when they’re at a crossroads. This modality looks at primordial narratives, those old stories that are foundational [...]

Go Soft

Image of Andy from The Shawshank Redemption newly free standing in the rain

“Emotional numbing” is a psychological phenomenon that can develop when we witness ongoing trauma - near-daily mass shootings, for example, or years-long pandemics, or when the basic human right to bodily autonomy is stripped from half the country. We’re equipped to cope with life’s regular setbacks, but if the atrocities keep coming, our all-too-human mind [...]