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New Light

A Ritual for Sun’s Return

  1. Find a dark place… Somewhere pitch black. A closet, a basement, or just crawl under a heavy blanket. Get yourself into total darkness. (If you’ve got a lighter, bring it for later.)
  2. Settle… Where does your gaze go in the dark? What do you “see” now? When we remove the light (outer awareness, ego), our rigid sense of self immediately begins to break down. Notice how you feel when you can’t see the world around you. Where does your awareness go now? Where are your problems? Who are you in this space?
  3. Slowly find the light... Spark your lighter. Or if you’re under a blanket, lift an edge slightly. Let yourself see everything anew – the strange shapes around you, the funny bend in your wrist, the oily shine of your palm. Who are you in this new light? Who might you be?
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