New Year Planner

New Year Planner Tarot Spread

This is the most in-depth tarot reading that I offer. I call it the New Year Planner – a 90-minute, 18-card session that provides a season-by-season roadmap for your 2021. We discuss how to work with your card-of-the-year, the archetype through which all of the other cards can be interpreted. We pull specific cards that point to unconscious or shadow patterns to look out for as well as call-to-action cards that offer practical, actionable tools to call on as you move through the year. We also discuss the broader mythology and archetypes associated with these cards.

New Year Planner Tarot Spread

If you’re not already familiar with my work, I’m not a traditional tarot reader, meaning this isn’t a you’ll meet a tall, dark stranger kind of vibe. A session with me is really a dialogue of discovery where we both act as trackers in the wild, intuiting your unique personal mythology playing out in the cards. I aim to keep you empowered throughout the journey. I don’t see tarot as deterministic or even predictive in any kind of rigid sense. The cards don’t bind us to our fate, they free us to our destiny. They reflect our deepest truths and direct our attention to what needs tending. At the end of our session, you’ll have a kind of mental planner for your year ahead as well as a stronger connection to your own intuition, to your own unique voice, leaving you better equipped to navigate what’s coming.

I’ll be offering these through mid-January. It’s $120 for 90 minutes over Zoom. You’ll get a photo of your spread and a recording of the session that you can revisit throughout the year. 

Reach out with any questions and please share this with anyone who might be interested. Thanks so much, everybody! All the love and all the magic.

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*Top photo: New Year Planner tarot spread with the Small Spells tarot deck by Rachel Howe
*Middle photo: New Year Planner tarot spread and keys with the Pagan Otherworlds tarot by Uusi

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