New Moon Gathering

I’ll be facilitating an online gathering this evening at 6PM PST via Zoom for anyone who would like to join in circle on this Aquarian new moon. We’ll go around with personal check-ins. We’ll explore making this a recurring gathering and how we’d like it to look. (What would you like to see in this space? What kind of support are you looking for?) I’ll pull some tarot cards to see what is coming up for the group and we’ll use that as a springboard into personal sharing. We’ll also set our personal intentions for this next moon cycle.

Note that in the Full Moon Gatherings, I lead us through various exercises, embodied visualizations, journaling and ritual, while this New Moon Gathering will be more of a circle in the traditional sense – I’ll act as facilitator but the magic, the healing and inspiration will come from the group and what we each bring to it.

There will be clear guidelines for sharing, so know that this will be a safe space to show up for yourself and others. If you’re looking for community in these estranged times, if you’re looking to cultivate more meaning in your life, if you’re looking to be inspired, empowered or simply to be seen and heard by a diverse group of seekers, please join us.

Use the Contact Form and I’ll reply with the link. And feel free to share this with your friends. All are welcome. No fees. Just an open heart. 🙏🏻

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*Photo by Vivek Doshi via Unsplash

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