Full Moon in Libra

Hi there. I’m Wade and I’ll be leading a Full Moon Gathering tomorrow (Sunday) at 6PM via Zoom. If you’re reading this, you’re invited.

This will be our 12th gathering (we started these just after quarantine here in California) as well as the 1st gathering of the astrological new year. It lasts an hour and there are usually 10 to 25 ppl there.

We light our candles in the beginning of the gathering and then I lead us through various guided meditations, visualizations or other forms of creative embodiment exercises. I speak on the theme of the month and I pull from the old stories and myths that are relevant to where we find ourselves today. There’s also some journaling prompts mixed in so that you can probe a bit deeper to see where these themes are showing up in your own life. You can keep your audio on mute for the duration in order to make it a more private experience if you’d like. Or you can share your experiences and insights with the group at the end. It’s really whatever you make it.

I’ve been a storyteller my entire life – as an actor, writer, filmmaker and most recently tarot reader – so my approach tends to be mercurial. I draw on an eclectic mix of psychological ideas and spiritual teachings, all rooted in imagination and play. I’m a Gemini Sun and a Scorpio Moon, meaning I like to go deep, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves on the way down. These gatherings are a safe space to play freely and feel deeply.

This month the full moon rises in the scales of Libra and we’ll be exploring the theme of balance. It seems to me that our attempts to “stay balanced” in our lives can sometimes be an excuse to play it safe, easy or small. Maybe we avoid taking necessary risks for fear of the “imbalances” they might create. I wonder, though, if balance is less about keeping things easy and more about finding our flow in the uneasy? The gymnast will tell you it’s impossible to learn balance on the ground where the risk of falling is pure speculation. Balance must be learned in the doing, up there on the beam.

If you’re interested in joining us tomorrow (or if you have any questions), contact me here and I’ll send over the registration link. These gatherings are pay-what-you-can, most folks contributing between $10 and $25. If you’re low on funds or need to skip a month’s payment, you’re still always welcome in the circle. You can also sign up for the museletter to get the link each month. ✨

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