Drowning in Possibilities

Pacific Ocean New Moon in Pisces

This Saturday we gather online for the new moon in Pisces, our second of this style of gathering. Unlike the Full Moon Gatherings where I lead us through various embodiment exercises, in the New Moon Gatherings we sit around and share as a group. We’ll set our intentions on the new moon and we’ll pull some tarot cards to reflect on. If you’re looking to gather in circle with fellow seekers, contact me here. No fees. All are welcome. Saturday, the 13th at 6pm pst via Zoom.

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac until we start all over again on the first day of spring with Aries, the head-first ram. But before we get to charge out of the birth canal, we’ve got two more weeks here in the deep end.

Pisces is a slippery time. Note how the Pisceans of our lives can be hard to pin down. Pisces is like the ocean into which all the world’s rivers and streams flow. The zodiac’s other signs, everything that came before, is held within Pisces – all we’ve learned and lost, our big dreams and terrible regrets – we’re swimming in all of it now and it can feel a little overwhelming and tough to know which way is up. (How are you managing all those new year’s intentions, by the way?)

According to Greek myth, the two fish of Pisces are Venus (beauty) and her son Cupid (love) which gives us our biggest clue into Pisces’ mysterious M.O. Beauty and love are the prime movers of our lives, but they’re not something we’re able to just go out there and get/take/manifest. (Ask anyone who’s actively looking for a partner.) Instead… we are arrested by beauty, we are shot through with Cupid’s love arrows. We don’t make love so much as we make ourselves available to receive it.

And so, even though spring fever is undoubtedly in the air, for these last few days of Pisces season, we might do better to stop our thrashing about and take note of what strikes us instead. We might let the waters calm, notice which bits rise to the surface, and take those as our cue to action. The budding clarity of spring is on the horizon, but for now, let’s bathe in all these glorious possibilities.


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