Themes of the Year

A belated but jubilantly Happy New Year to you, friends. This year (2+0+2+3) moves us from the relational, “other-oriented” six to the mysteriously mighty seven.

There is perhaps no other number that carries more symbolic weight than the seven. The seven days of the week, seven colors of the rainbow, seven notes in a musical scale, seven continents, seven seas, seven wonders, seven virtues, seven chakras, seven deadly sins; we have been guided by the seven since antiquity, which might explain why it’s the number of luck for so many.

In the tarot, the seven is represented by The Chariot, an archetypal image of personal agency, prowess and success. We would do well this year to be our own horse whisperer, to nurture the desires of our distinct wild nature, because we are driven by these desires whether we choose to admit it or not. Your steed can sense when you’re afraid of her. Lean in. Learn her wild language and she’ll show you the world.

For those who are willing, this year offers a powerful portal for personal growth and achievement.

Working with the themes of the chariot and the cycles of the moon, The Charioteers is a 5-week online workshop and support group starting March 21st (the new moon, spring equinox & zodiacal new year) specifically designed to strengthen your connection with and commitment to a creative practice. Learn more and join us here!

* Photo by Raphael Macek

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