Course Correction

A 30-minute, no-nonsense coaching session

to examine precisely what’s preventing you from achieving your goals and where you’re being called to shift your focus.

Course Correction is for when you’re feeling generally secure in what you want to be doing in life, but still keep hitting a wall, getting sidetracked, overwhelmed, etc. I don’t recommend this session if you’re lacking overall direction or if you’re looking for a deeper, more comprehensive journey like Heeding the Call.

This is a brass tacks support rally to clear out the noise and reclaim your power.

You’ll email me a few details ahead of time so that we can jump right into our half hour together with a clear agenda. We’ll examine what’s working in your life and how to lean deeper into those areas. And we’ll let the tarot reveal the subtle or unconscious dynamics  that are holding you back, keeping you small or otherwise preventing you from success. You’ll leave clear-headed and reinvigorated with some practical mind/body tools to keep you tethered to your purpose on the road ahead.

30 minutes ☾ $50

All sessions online via Zoom or in-person in the Los Angeles area

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