Wild Times

Painting of Greek God Pan

We have crossed a threshold. In just over three months, the virus has spread across the entire world. With confirmed cases in every country - an unprecendented feat highlighting just how connected we all are - we are now in new territory. Humans have crossed over into periods of great uncertainty, periods of darkness and [...]

Aesthetic Arrest

Angels Landing Zion National Park

Zion National Park in May of last year. We set up camp in the shadow of one of those glorious red rock monoliths with the rushing waters from a nearby (but unseen) river as our only soundtrack. That night the moon turned the whole valley silver and the sounds of the river seemed to amplify [...]

The Great Work

Consider the numerous strange rituals that have been reported from the primitive tribes and great civilizations of the past, it becomes apparent that the purpose and actual effect of these was to conduct people across those difficult thresholds of civilization that demand a change in the patterns not only of conscious but also of unconscious [...]