Good Omens

Nina Simone lyrics Birds flying high you know how I feel

Inauguration comes from the Latin augur: “one who sees favorable omens for success". (The word auspicious comes from this as well.) In Ancient Rome the augur was the official diviner who was called in before important undertakings of the state to determine whether or not the gods approved. He did this by reading the flight [...]

Common Sense

common sense crash test dummies gun reform

You can still learn a lot from a dummy. Growing up in South Carolina in the mid-80’s, I remember the adults around me grumbling about new legislation that was gaining momentum in Congress. Legislation that, if passed, would require the driver and front-seat passenger of a car to wear seat belts, or else be subject [...]

This Land Is YOUR Land

Happy 4th, everybody, and remember, America is just a word. You, me, the homeless people, the asylum seekers, every human in this country waking up striving to be the best they can, WE are America. Don't let the transgressions of this administration dim your fire. This experiment has always been flawed, but it's unquestionably worth [...]